Below are all the media links related to the mine controversy at Starved Rock State Park. Note: Some headlines are misleading


01.31.13 IEPA Discharge Permit Joint Statement

12.12.12 Press Release: Conservation Groups File Lawsuit To Protect Starved Rock State Park

11.20.12 Press Release: IDNR-OMM approves permit to controversial open pit mine


12/17/12 Editorial: Proposed mine at Starved Rock’s door shows need to update law

12/14/12  Conservation groups file suit to protect Starved Rock

12/14/12 Environmentalists sue to stop controversial Illinois frac sand mine

12/12/12 Groups file lawsuit over mine near Starved Rock

12/12/12 Groups file lawsuit in Springfield over mine near Starved Rock

12/12/12 Lawsuit filed over sand mine near Starved Rock

12/11/12 New Fracking Frontier Outside Illinois State Park ‘Makes People Question The Whole Deal’

11/25/12 IDNR grants permit for an open pit mine

11/23/12 Timetable on controversial Starved Rock sand mine unknown

10/29/12 Opponents rallying against approved sand mine near Starved Rock

10/29/12 Sand mine to proceed near iconic Illinois state park

10/29/12 Citizens speak against sand mine construction near Starved Rock

10/25/12 Concerned Sierra Club to stand up for Starved Rock State Park

10/26/12 Anti-mining rally at Starved Rock Sunday

10/5/12 Sand mine construction nearing

9/27/12 IEPA issues permits for proposed Route 71 sand mine

6/4/12 Scenic state park at center of Illinois frac sand fight

5/24/12 Proposed sand mine draws all parties to open house

5/2012 University of Illinois at Springfield spotlight on mine site

5/11/12 County board votes down key sand mine shipping site

2/15/12 Starved Rock mine raises questions, debate

2/6/12 Simon wants to keep public spotlight on mine

2/3/12 Mississippi Sand eyes permits while opposition builds

1/12/12 Sand mine near Starved Rock gets OK by LaSalle County board

3 thoughts on “Media

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  2. Pingback: Conservation Groups File Lawsuit To Protect Starved Rock State Park | SAVE STARVED ROCK

  3. Who seems to always get the money in their pocket? Protecting IL land is a must. If IL does not use the money for its own resources, than the money will go back into the wrong pockets and not the building of this beautiful SoIL (Southern Illinois) land.

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