ADM Terminal

The Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) company has an agreement with Mississippi Sand to ship the Starved Rock Mine’s sand. Beginning in January 2013, ADM began preparations to ship the Mississippi Sand mine’s product out of their facilities at 1481 and 1495 East Route 71. To do so, ADM is trying to do several things:
–       change Ottawa’s zoning language of “R” Rural to include a clause allowing shipment of sand and grain. (completed)
–       Annex the terminal’s lands (3 parcels) into Ottawa (pending)
–       Obtain new zoning of “R” Rural for the parcels (pending)



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The City Council is set to vote on this annexation and rezoning request in August. Tell your Aldermen and Mayor that you want strong restrictions in place to protect your health, your environment, and your local economy!

The Ottawa Planning Commission, a citizen’s commission appointed by Mayor Eshbach specifically for the purpose of advising the City Council, proposes to add the following 8 conditional use restrictions to the ADM property:

Restrictions up for consideration (and what they mean):

1)     Pave roads with bituminous asphalt leading into the facility on parcel 2 (middle parcel), wet clean as necessary

Since gravel roads count as “paved” roads, it is important to require bituminous asphalt paving. Wet cleaning means they must use liquid to absorb the dust before sweeping, to minimize dust in the air.

2)     Keep Parcel 3’s (East parcel) boat channel open, limiting the ADM fleeting and docking widths to 2 barges max

This will prohibit ADM from blocking the boat channel completely. Otherwise, private boaters could not access the channel or the river via this route.

3)     No engine braking on premises, Post signs on property and Rt 71.

Engine braking is incredibly loud – this will reduce noise pollution to neighboring residences.

4)     Hours of operation 7am-7pm M-F, 7am-12pm Saturday

Currently, ADM plans to operate as long as Mississippi Sand is operating. Mississippi Sand has a permit to mine 24/7, so barge loading, moving, etc, could occur at all hours of the night.

5)     No outside, uncovered storage of sand, silica sand, or gravel

This will further cut down on fugitive dust emissions.

6)     owners must comply with all state/federal laws and regulations related to proposed use

By stating this, the City can be the first line of defense to get ADM to remediate violations)

7)     ADM must obtain a building permit for a covered loading system that transfers the sand to the barges

Right now ADM has infrastructure plans to reduce fugitive dust from unloading the trucks, but nothing for loading the barges. This will help reduce dust emissions.

8)     Changes or Future use of Parcels 1 and 3 (west and east parcels, resp) are subject to new conditional use application and hearing.

This means if ADM wants to build or use either Parcel for something other than what they are used for presently, they will have to re-apply for a new conditional use permit.

Sierra Club fully SUPPORTS these restrictions, and proposes the City Council also adopt a 9th condition:
9)      Air monitoring at all schools, daycares, neighboring residences, and the like which are located within 2 miles of the parcels.
Other research on sand mining and processing shows heightened PM 2.5 levels – Particulate Matter with a diameter of 2.5 microns- at areas up to 2 miles away from the source. PM 2.5 levels are of concern because this is the threshold size of dust that is known to increase incidents of cancer and lung diseases.

Protect your home! Tell the City Council you support these measures to protect your health, your community, and your environment.


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July 15, 2013: The Plan Commission will officially adopt their meeting minutes, and send their recommendations on the “R” zoning and conditional uses back to the City Council.
August 6, 2013:The City Council will meet to discuss the Plan Commission’s recommendations
August 20, 2013: The City Council will vote on the annexation, zoning, and conditional use requests.

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