We, the undersigned citizens of Ottawa, IL, object to the City Council’s rushed discussions to approve the annexation and rezoning of 3 ADM/ARTCO parcels located at 1481 and 1495 off East Route 71 without first imposing strict regulations to better protect Ottawa citizens from the dangers this new sand shipping facility.

In addition to the conditional use restrictions proposed by the City Planning Commission for the “R” rural zoning, we request that ADM/ARTCO install and maintain an air monitoring program throughout Ottawa. Violations of the standard for .03 mg/m3 measured as PM4 will result in limited loading and receiving hours for the ADM facility. Monitors shall be installed at neighboring residences located within 2 miles of the parcels, as well as at schools and other facilities for sensitive populations within 1,000 ft of silica trucking routes through the city on Routes 71, 23, and 6.

Please sign by August 1!